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New Google Earth Can Take You Anywhere In The World From Space

Gopal Shah Product manager of Google Earth released an update few days back about New Google Earth and its features, Google Earth has not been updated since decades, or better to say it did not come up with something interesting and new .

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Everyone must have used Google Earth before, you must have searched your address and looked for your home, then you zoom out and look around your neighborhood, then your city, your country and finally you could possibly see your planet.
Google spent two years in making new Google Earth for you to experience your earth in a lot different way, Google Earth has been updated on Web and Android with new 360 degree lenses, where you can zoom in and look around closely what adventures await you. It is something like you are on a paraglide and experiencing the place with your naked eyes.

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Google has worked with leading scientists, story tellers and non-profits to bring the world to life with voyager and interactive guided tours.
You can start with National Treasure from BBC earth, and then Gombe National Park in Tanzania, earth tour would let you explore different stories and experiences. Google Earth currently has more than 50 immersive stories in Voyager and more have been added on weekly basis.

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3D Button

By pressing 3D button you can explore anything from any angle, zoom in zoom out, rotate whatever you wish to see, just swoop around and see geological layers of architectures, mountains, buildings and rivers.

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