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Apple to Launch an Online Store in India Next Month


On Tuesday, reports came out stating that Apple has decided to launch an online store next month (September) in India.

Currently, the iPhone maker is selling its products in India via e-commerce firms and third-part vendors like Walmart-owned Flipkart and Amazon.

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According to Bloomberg, the online store of Apple soon to be launched in the country will become operational in the festive season of India which is Diwali. It is also the biggest spending season in India.

Earlier this year, Tim Cook Chief Executive Officer announced that Apple is going to set up its first-ever online store in India in 2021.

India is basically a hub that provides massive growth prospects to Smartphone makers. Also, it provides cheap labors in order to manufacture their devices.

Apple also assembled some of its phones like iPhone 11 at Wistron and Foxconn’s plants which are located in two southern Indian states.

On the other hand, in Pakistan Punjab government has decided to suspend mobile phone services for Ashura in order to protect the public from any problematic accident. The provincial government has is going to suspend cellular services in 7 cities of Punjab.

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via The Express Tribune | The Economic Times