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New Microsoft Launcher Is Close To Release

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For a long time, the mobile strategy of the Redmond group was characterized by bankruptcies, bad luck, and breakdowns, but for a while now Microsoft has also been using Android, which has also been successful. One pillar of this success is the Android launcher, which is now taking a step towards completion.

The Android launcher is a somewhat unexpected success story because it started as a “garage project” by Microsoft employees. The launcher, initially called Arrow, was so well received from the start that Microsoft ennobled it into a full-fledged project and has since developed it with some effort.

In the meantime, one can also speak of “newly developed”, because the Redmond company decided about six months ago to revise the code from scratch. So far (and still can) you can use and test the new preview in parallel to the still current, generally available version.

Now also on the Android beta channel

But Microsoft is apparently making good progress and is now preparing to distribute the new app or replace the previous one (via Dr. Windows) because currently, Android beta participants get the new version. So if you have agreed to this type of test within the Google Play Store, the old launcher will already be replaced by the new version (as mentioned: so far, the two versions were only offered in parallel or separately).

While this does not mean that the new revised version is about to be launched, it is definitely a decisive step in the right direction. The reason for this is that the new launcher has to functionally catch up with the previous one, but Microsoft is obviously making good progress in this work. The new version is not just a simple revision of the code, users can also look forward to innovations, so it also masters a display in the landscape, i.e. cross mode.

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