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New Movies And TV Series On Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+

This week, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ will be broadcasting a total of 22 new films and series. Highlights include Drive to Survive, We have a Ghost, The Consultant, and American Dad. We show you all restarts at a glance.

In the next few days, Netflix subscribers can look forward to the fifth season of the Formula 1 documentary Drive to Survive and the horror comedy We have a Ghost with David Harbor (Stranger Things) and Anthony Mackie (Avengers). You can also see new episodes of Outer Banks, a documentary about the Murdaugh murders, and a making-of of the war flick Nothing New in the West.

The Consultant, a new comedic thriller series starring Christoph Waltz (including Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds), is starting on Amazon Prime Video. Likewise, the sci-fi thriller Project Gemini from Russia seems to offer some excitement. Disney + is a little more reserved this week with the 18th season of American Dad and the “classic” Love Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

If you want to look further into the future, you will find the links to all February highlights of the streaming platforms in the lower part of this article.

Netflix: New films and series in week 8

  • The Murdaugh Murders: Scandal in the Southern States: Season 1 out February 22
  • Three Lives: Season 1 out February 22
  • The Strays from February 22nd
  • Call Me Chihiro from February 23rd
  • Outer Banks: Season 3 out February 23
  • A Girl Called Lay Lay: Season 2 out February 23
  • Oddballs: The Odd Adventures of James & Max: Season 2 out February 24
  • Who Are We Running From?: Season 1 Coming February 24th
  • We Have a Ghost from February 24th
  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 5 out February 24

Amazon Prime Video: New films and series in week 8

  • Marc Marquez Season 1 out February 20th
  • Project Gemini from February 21st
  • The Hart from February 24th
  • The Consultant Season 1 out February 24
  • dr Seuss Baking Challenge Season 1 out February 24th
  • The 355 from February 25th

Disney+ & Star: New films and series in week 8

  • American Dad – Season 18 out February 22
  • Baymax and Mochi – Season 1 out February 22nd
  • Europe’s Hidden Natural Wonders – Season 1 out February 22nd
  • The A Word – Seasons 1-3 out February 22nd
  • Bruiser from February 24th
  • Love Vegas from February 24th
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