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New PS5 Box Design And Look Exposed

PS5 Console Design

The next generation consoles will launch in about four months and that means not only new hardware, but also lots of new games. Now Sony has revealed or shown what the trading boxes will look like. However, they are a matter of taste.

Exactly a month ago, Sony unveiled the design of the PlayStation 5, and the “spacey” exterior of the PS5 also caused a lot of discussions. Some think it is exciting and worthy of a next-gen console, others think that Sony has simply overdone it here.

Now the Japanese have shown commercial packaging for the first time, based on the game Spider-Man Miles Morales. You can not only see the actual artwork of the game, but also the basic way in which disc-based games will be presented on the PS5.

Box Design of PS5 Games On The Right

Same design, different colors

However, there are no fundamental differences to the PlayStation 4, because the format and arrangement of the optical elements are the same. So there is still a bar above, in which the logo of the console is placed. The choice of (non-) color is definitely worth discussing. Because while the white PS4 logo had a blue background, the “banner” is now white and the PS5 logo is black. Perhaps Sony had the idea that a white bar shows the actual cover artwork better, one can speculate that this has to do with the fact that black and white are also the colors of the console and controller.

However, the white bar also looks boring and somehow unfinished. Kotaku writes that this is reminiscent of a placeholder in Photoshop. However, this is not really important, because fewer and fewer people actually buy games on data carriers. Downloads will also become more important on the PS5, as we know that the PS5 is also available in a version without a drive.

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