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New Spotify Feature Will Allow To Import Music From MP3 Files

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The developers of the music streaming service Spotify want to release a new update for the Android version of the app. Users then have the option to import music from local MP3 files. This means that the songs no longer have to be synchronized from the PC.

It is currently not possible to use the Spotify app for Android to import MP3 files stored on the smartphone. The songs must first be added to an online library in order to play the music on the device. That should change with a new function. Soon users will also be able to add local files to their playlists. The MP3s will then be displayed in the personal library.

Although the function has not yet been fully implemented, Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong has reverse-engineered and discovered clues in the code.

The option must be activated manually

The new feature can be activated via the settings of the app. The option “Show files on the device” can be found here. When the function is activated for the first time, the user has to grant the application the necessary permissions so that Spotify can access the files on the smartphone. Of course, the option can be deactivated again at any time.

The function Might Take Longer To Rollout

It is still unclear when the corresponding update will be rolled out. The import function may be distributed in the coming days. It is conceivable that users in different regions will receive the update at different times.