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The new technology would bring back the lost rule of the Pakistani textile industry

When it comes to textile, Pakistan is one of the top-notch destinations. The Pakistani textile industry has seen a great hype and helped much good with developing the economy of the country. However, the industry is not standing where it used to be. As compared to earlier days, the textile industry of Pakistan is sadly on a continuous decline.

In the recent few years, many of the textile looms and factories had to close their operations in order to survive the rising pressure of losses. Which in turn shook the economy to a great extent.

But still, the industry has some potential to get up on its feet and bring back the golden era.

With the help of latest techniques and technology, Pakistan is planning to start producing products which meet the technology needs of the time. The European countries are intending to work with Pakistan to help the country export not only the traditional products but also what meets the need of the hour.

One of the very utilizable and efficient textile product would be solar energy harvesting tents. The news rolled out when Deputy General Marketing of Spire Fitting Mills, Salman Zulfiqar Ali participated in a recent exhibition of textile products at Messe Frankfurt. According to Salman, these inventions would bring more business opportunities helping the economy to boost upfront.

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Salman said:

Though the suppliers of new processing and technique devices usually visit Pakistan, at the international exhibition we can directly talk to experts of such technologies

As of the new technology, Salman considers this an opportunity not only for the textile industries but for the generations to come. With a technology which could harness our economy, the youngs should start considering education in the fields of textile. The blend of textile and technology would bring an upsurge grooming everyone.

The product line is estimated to bring more wealth. The new tech-based textile products would be selling between the range of $8 to $15 per meter. Which is at least four times higher than its previous rate of $2 per meter.

CEO Mian Muhammad Shahid of Mahrooz Textile Industry was excited to learn more about the new tec-based textile products. The mill has been in business with some Middle Eastern countries. But the company is expecting European countries to become part of their business and help in making the Pakistani textile industry even stronger.

With the help a French company we will be producing solar harvesting tents in Pakistan

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