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57,000 Computers In Hundred Countries Hit By A Major Cyber-Attack


57,000 computers in almost a hundred countries were hit by a major cyber-attack. A monstrous virus went deep in to the roots of major businesses, government companies, hospitals etc. The virus took control of computers of major business tycoons and demanded them to pay high ransoms. The procedure by which hackers took control of the computers was by sending spam emails containing job offers, security threats and other legal files. This compelled people to open the files and become victim of the virus.

Avast which is a cyber-security firm confirms 75,000 ransom demanding attacks in almost 99 countries on 12th may 2017, Friday. It also stated that this was the most destructive attack in Internet history. Furthermore, the countries that were affected most include Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. As per the security experts, the spread of the virus has been stopped.

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Now the massive level effects of this cyber-attack are still not comprehended. How many countries lost money, sensitive information and control of their computers is still unclear. If the virus is still lurking in the computers, still spreading to other devices is yet to be seen. Can the copycat attacks of this virus continue remains the question.

We, that is the whole global community need international investigation of this huge cyber-attack. It is important that the data, money and a personal device of every individual remains personal for everyone’s sake.


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