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New WhatsApp Features to Launch in 2019

In this article, we will tell our readers about the new WhatsApp features that are expected to launch in 2019. Most of them are either in the test phase or have been launched in limited countries/audience.

Touch ID or Face ID is a new highly anticipated feature to launch in 2019. It will prevent any third-party from reading your messages. You can enable this feature in your privacy settings to unlock your app.

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Another interesting feature to launch in WhatsApp is limiting the frequent forward messages. Users will be to see how many times their message has been forwarded.

In order to keep their favorite contacts at the top of the list, WhatsApp will rank your contacts. They will be ranked on the basis of the level of interaction.

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The dark mode is a battery saving feature that is being developed for a few months now. The feature will save your battery by applying dark mode.

WhatsApp allows users to hide their status and choose who can view it. Hide button appears above the Muted update section.

WhatsApp enables its users to share the status on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Google photos without the need to link the accounts.

These were some of the features that have been launched or are being anticipated to launch by WhatsApp in 2019.

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