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New Zealand To Revisit Huawei Ban

Since the United States has relaxed the sanctions on Huawei, the previously invoked International Emergency State Economic Power Act which required US companies to stop doing business with Huawei seems to fade out gradually, Google and other tech giants in the U.S. announced a ban on Huawei later on after the IESEP Act. The sanctions affected Huawei’s operations, sales, revenues and growth prospects to a great extent.

However, Trump’s move to allow U.S. companies to resume trading with Huawei indicates that the ban on Huawei products has been lifted, for how long no one knows that.

The United Kingdom has been moving slowly towards relaxing Huawei, by allowing the company to build 5G infrastructure, however, the UK government has been working on this slowly saying that it will investigate Huawei products on its own and allow the company to supply non-core parts and restrict in core parts.

Australia and New Zealand also followed U.S. sanctions by blocking Huawei into their respective countries, however, due to the recent developments seen in the United States the New Zealand Communications Security Agency it will bring the issue for reassessment.New Zealand initially blocked Huawei by following its allies, now if the U.S. government allows Huawei to do business in America should New Zealand keep blocking the company? It seems New Zealand will allow Huawei to build 5G networks in their country after reassessment and Australia might follow the drive.