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Samsung Mulling To Sell 5G Chips To Vivo and Oppo

According to some media reports, South Korean giant Samsung Electronics has provided samples of 5G chipsets to Chinese manufacturers Vivo and Oppo in order to test and verify the equipment.

Samsung’s 5G chipset consists of Exynos Modem 5100, Exynos RF 5500 transceiver and Exynos SM 5800 power modulator. According to the report, Oppo and Vivo both still rely on MediaTek and Qualcomm for the 5G solution.

But Samsung is trying hard to convince its customers for the deal. The Chinese smartphone makers seem to work primarily with Helio M70 which was announced by MediaTek earlier this year, it is a 5G modem equipped with dual LTE and 5G connectivity (EN-DC) along with dynamic power sharing.

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According to the sources, Oppo and Vivo believe that alone MediaTek and Qualcomm will not be able to meet their 5G demand by next year. There could be a room for Samsung where the South Korean manufacturer trying to squeeze in. However, Samsung has already announced the large-scale production of 5G communication solutions for high-end smartphones; Samsung would be offering the same solutions for Vivo and Oppo.

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