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News Today In Pakistan: Business, Technology, Startups, Social Media

Highlights of news today in Pakistan.

National Refinery Limited to produce best quality diesel:

The second largest oil refinery in Pakistan, National Refinery Limited has finished a technology through which they can produce best quality diesel. Sulphur content in diesel result in pollution. Through the technology by NRL quantity of sulphur could be minimized to 10ppm. This is quite an achievement as the lowest sulphur content used globally is 50ppm. Therefore the sulphur content Pakistani company is working on would surely be the best.

Budget month slows down Real estate markets:

A dull, monotonous activity was seen by investors, stakeholders and property buyers in the budget month. The reason for it was that investors wanted to wait for announcement by government in the new budget, what facilities, projects government would announce and then make new strategies. This slow activity is not restricted to real estate market, all sectors almost pause activity right before budget, just as a cautious measure.

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Collaboration between Careem and TCF to raise money for underprivileged children:

Education is a necessity not everyone get a chance to enjoy. Poverty is the main reason that many young minds never see the face of schools. For the young children of Pakistan Careem has cooperated with TCF to give back to the society and fund education of as many students as possible.

Upwork selects two Pakistani companies for its social impact program:

Upwork provides a global freelancing platform for the people. In Upwork’s social impact program the mission is to connect clients with free lancers from underprivileged areas. Women Digital league and Empower Pakistan are the two companies from Pakistan that will work on Upwork social impact program.

Urdu language option for Pakistani users by Firefox Focus:

Firefox Focus is a fresh browser by Firefox that offers fresh privacy features along with Urdu language tool. This is a great initiative for Pakistani users.