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Google Launched AI-powered Job Search Engine—Good News For Jobseekers

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Google is now stepping into the jobs market, making it easier for Jobseekers and employers equally to search jobs and candidates. Google has announced the launch of their new search engine having artificial intelligence capabilities to hunt down jobs for you in less time and effort. Google announced in a blog post,

Google will include all major job portals and sites in the search results including; LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, Local Jobs sites etc. Google will also include jobs from company’s career pages into the search results, the idea is to make it easier for the searcher to get the jobs relevant to queries on all available sources slicing down the duplicate posting on multiple places.

Users can also filter the search results by location, industry, date posted and employers, you can also complete the query with all these settings and you know the search results come with your query are the one you are looking for, then you can turn on notifications as well. These notifications would let you view new jobs when they fall into your personalized queries.

So for instance, if you search “Marketing Jobs In Islamabad” that would let you go through all the available results whether posted on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Job portal will be shown in search results with options to click for more details.

Google has started rolling out job feature in the US on all devices including desktop, mobile and app. Google said it will start rolling out the feature globally later after the U.S. update, but it is not confirmed yet when it will be started.


With its AI powered algorithms Google will let you remove or skip all the duplicate job postings by the employers posted on all the job sites. Once the job is located Google will direct the user to actual job posting and the process.

Google clearly says it doesn’t want to directly compete the job sites like CareerBuilder and Monster similar sites, nor Google has any plans to let employers directly post jobs on search engine. However, this could be quite lucrative for Google  

Monster’s CTO Conal Thompson said in a statement when asked how cooperation with Google will change the competitive landscape for job sites? He replied with much confidence “Google’s new job search product aligns with our core strategy and will allow candidates to explore jobs from across the web and refine search criteria to meet their unique needs,” he wrote. “Yes, as with anything, there will be some challenges and adjustments to existing job posting sites; the biggest perhaps being for those that are currently driven by SEO.”

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