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Niantic has acquired Seismic Games in order to excel at AR gaming


Niantic has gained yet another developer in an attempt to excel at AR gaming. The Pokémon Go maker has declared that it has obtained LA-based Seismic Games, generally known for turn-based portable RPG Marvel: Strikeforce. You can collect Marvel characters in the free to-play title, which acquired $25 million in overall player spending in the course of recent months. Seismic is additionally the organization behind Blade Runner: Revelations, a virtual reality game for Google Daydream that is most likely more in accordance with what it will chip away at going ahead. As per Niantic, Seismic will keep on working on its own games however will change into building all-new AR encounters for the organization.

The organization said in an announcement:

“We recently gave a peek under the hood of the Niantic Real World Platform, and we see the addition of Seismic Games as a significant accelerant for realizing our vision of an operating system that bridges the digital and the physical worlds.”

Niantic’s Real World Platform enables outsider engineers to utilize the AR innovation behind Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Seismic is nevertheless the most recent in a series of acquisitions Niantic attempted to give the stage a lift. It additionally gobbled up AR game designer Escher Reality, maybe to exploit its experience making “cross platform, multi user” titles, back in February. In June, it likewise purchased an organization called Matrix Mill, which is chipping away at an innovation that will enable AR components to collaborate all the more normally with this present reality.

Augmented Reality is the field of science where many tech enthusiasts are actively working to make breakthrough changes and deem it the future of immersive gaming experience.

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