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Google Chrome Redesign comes after 2014—Warning for users

Google Chrome

Google has planned to redesign the Chrome browser after many years, Chrome users are being warned about the big update which will soon be available for download.

The most popular internet browser owns the market share of 62.04 percent according to NetMarketShare, the other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer have a combined market share of 22.44 percent, with 10.41 percent and 12.03 percent respectively. Both the internet browsers have a fourth slice of Pizza as compared to Google Chrome.

The internet giant has plans now to upgrade its Chrome browser, but the company has warned users about the update before it could be available for download. The big redesign includes the first major visual upgrade after 2014.

Google has started rolling out the new design to its Canary browser which is available for early adoption for developers and testers. The new update includes revamping of address and search bar, along with new tab, style and color palette.

As Google is more focused on mobile experience, the major redesign is also focused on enhancing mobile users experience hence, some of the changes are made by keeping mobile and tablet users in mind.

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The redesigned in touch inspired which indicates more rounded areas in the user interface along with more white space. Users can use touch to select as the wider/bigger address and search bars are being introduced. The search bar will have a grey color replacing the current white color. The tabs will have more rounded edges as compared to the current ones. The details of the new Chrome designed were highlighted by Francois Beaufort in a blog post. He said many things have been updated including the shape of the tabs, single tab mode, tab strip coloring, Omnibox suggestion icons, pinned tabs and alert indicators.

He has also warned Chrome users that it might take a while to get used to the new design, as people do not like change at the first place, they may get annoyed with the new design initially but in my opinion, it is a very good design and way forward.

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However, some of the Chrome fans have highlighted issues in the new design, some said the new tabs are too big, while another commenter said, “The touch experience has ruined the desktop experience”, one said, “I don’t like the shapes of the tabs but the rest is good.

How the new Chrome design has impacted the users would be seen once Google is ready to roll it out globally.

Here is the picture of redesigned desktop chrome.

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