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Nintendo Introduces Pokemon Stories

When Pokemon Crimson and Crimson launches for the Nintendo Switch in November, budding Pokemon champions will once again have plenty to do as the new games will tell three stories at once. Nintendo shows what it’s all about and how the adventures are connected in a new trailer.

The setting for both games is the Paldea region, which players can freely explore as part of a treasure hunt. However, as a newcomer to an academy, players can also follow three exciting stories, regardless of the order in which they occur. In “Der Weg des Champs” it is of course about arena fights again, and various tests have to be mastered here. In the video, we see, among other things, the president of the Pokmon League Sagaria, and the trainer Nemila.

In “Star Road,” Team Star and its leader Irsa confront each other as the group stirs up trouble at the academy. After all, “The Path of Legends” revolves around the search for very special spices. Players can work together with their classmate Pepper to hold their own against particularly dangerous Ruler Pokémon. Pokmon Crimson and Crimson are coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.