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PlayStation 5 redesigned: Smaller Cooler and low Consumption

Sony has again made changes to the inner workings of the PlayStation 5. The new model is not only lighter but also has a completely revised mainboard, modified cooling, and a new SSD mount.

Smaller mainboard through redesign

The new model first appeared in Australia, prompting YouTuber Austin Evans to take a closer look. Externally, nothing has changed on the PlayStation 5 with the new “1200” model, and the changes do not yet allow for a slim version of the PS5. However, the mainboard has become significantly smaller compared to the first generation (model 1000) and the first revision (model 1100) last year, in which the heat sink in particular was redesigned and lightened.

For this purpose, Sony has placed many components on the circuit board. The CMOS battery has moved under the heatsink, requiring the PlayStation 5 to be completely disassembled in order to replace it should it ever run out. Previously, it was open and could be changed relatively easily after opening the console.

PlayStation 5 heatsink comparison (Austin Evans)

New heatsink, lighter console

Sony has also started again with the cooling. The new heat sink offers one more heat pipe, but an even smaller heat sink. The changes compared to the very first PlayStation 5 are significant. Sony can also achieve weight savings again. While the first revision was around 300 grams lighter than the first model, the new version is around 500 grams lighter than the first generation of the PS5 – so Sony was able to save another 200 grams.

The full length of the SSD slot is no longer lined by the PCB, but by metal. On the one hand, this can reduce costs, on the other hand, it could have a positive effect on the temperatures of an SSD used.

Power consumption is slightly lower

The current revision of the PlayStation 5 has an advantage in terms of power consumption due to the changes. Consumption in games is 20 to 30 watts lower, according to Evans. The volume of the PS5 and the heat emitted are roughly comparable to the last model. Sony’s primary goal for the new revision is to reduce production costs. In view of rising global inflation rates and currency fluctuations, Sony increased the price of the PlayStation 5 to 550 or 450 euros just a few days ago.

PlayStation’s hardware boss is leaving soon

reported at the same time Bloomberg announced that PlayStation division hardware chief Masayasu Ito, who was responsible for the development of both the PlayStation 4 (Pro), the PlayStation VR headset, and PlayStation 5, is retiring next month. Lin Tao takes over his duties from now on.