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Nintendo Switch OLED Can Cause Burn-in Display


The console manufacturer Nintendo has commented on the possible risk of burn-in in connection with the latest model of the Switch. Because of the OLED display, it is conceivable that some game content is burned into the display. Therefore you should pay attention to a few points.

Basically, with OLED screens there is always the risk that elements that have been displayed for a long time will burn into the display and greatly reduce the image quality. Above all, logos and other content that is in the same place for a longer period of time are susceptible to this. In games, head-of-display elements (HUDs) such as the life indicator, the current position, and selected items are mainly a problem.

Use auto-sleep and auto-brightness

At the request of Cnet, Nintendo has confirmed that the OLED display can interfere with the picture if static displays are shown for a long time. However, users have the option to take preventive measures against it. These include features that the Switch brings with it as standard. In addition to the auto-sleep function, which puts the switch into standby mode when the console is not in use, there is also the auto-brightness function. This prevents the display from being set unnecessarily bright.

If you use the two options, you should in most cases have no problem with the possible burn-in of some elements. There is usually only a risk of burn-in if the static content is displayed for several hours without major interruptions. Most owners are likely to use the handheld console for a shorter period of time or switch to a different title with different static elements in the meantime.

Of course, the possible burn-in effect is not a problem if you play predominantly in TV mode. The switch’s display is only used in tabletop and handheld mode. Depending on which television or monitor the console owner is using in TV mode, attention should of course also be paid to the risk of burn-in here.