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Leaked: Project xCloud Streaming Box Images Are Unreal


It has been known for some time that Microsoft is working on a streaming stick for its cloud gaming service xCloud. Now images have popped up to a streaming box. However, the allegedly leaked renderings do not come from a trustworthy source.

The two images were uploaded by an anonymous user and published on the 4chan platform. The rectangular box was designed in white color and equipped with an Xbox logo. A USB port and the power button are attached to the front. The button should also be able to receive infrared signals. The back has an Ethernet socket, a USB-C connection, and an HDMI port. A WLAN and Bluetooth modem is used inside the streaming box.

Original thread was deleted

The corresponding 4chan post was published a few weeks ago and has been deleted in the meantime. As MSPoweruser writes, however, the renderings were picked up again and the device was referred to as the “Xbox Stream Box”. Although the original 4chan thread has been removed, the details posted can still be found on Reddit. Here the trustworthiness of the information was already questioned.

Images By Fan

Since the leak was published on 4chan and there is no indication that the information comes from a trustworthy source, it should only be a fake. The render images could have been created by yourself with little effort. Nevertheless, the concept of an xCloud streaming box is interesting and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will actually present such a device in the future and bring it onto the market.

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