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Nintendo To End Support For 3DS And WiiU Games Next Year

Nintendo 3DS

According to a recent rumor, Nintendo could end support for new 3DS and WiiU games early next year. Then publishers will no longer have the opportunity to publish their titles for the old consoles. The eShop should still be available.

The rumor was shared by the Impact Game Station YouTube channel. He has received an email from a developer in which Nintendo asks to submit WiiU and 3DS titles that are still in development by the end of the current fiscal year. If this information is true, developer studios have until April 1, 2022, to publish their games. Afterward, no more games should be added to the Nintendo eShop.

No official statement as yet

Since Nintendo has not yet commented publicly on the subject, it is unclear whether support for new games should actually end in early 2022. The publisher may be able to provide official information on this in the next few months.

It should be understood that the Japanese console manufacturer could discontinue support for the two old consoles. After the Switch was launched, Nintendo paid little attention to the WiiU and the handheld console released ten years ago.

Nintendo recently confirmed that the Japanese version of the eShop would no longer accept credit cards from January 18, 2022. However, it will be some time before services such as the 3DS and WiiU versions of the eShop can no longer be used. After all, the platform is still used by some users to buy games for their old consoles.

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