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FIFA 22 To Get New ‘Hypermotion’ Technology In PS5 And Xbox Series X

Fifa 22

As expected, EA Sports will be releasing an updated version of its football simulation game FIFA again this fall. The highlight will then be a new technology called “Hypermotion”, which should provide even more realism on the lawn. However, not all players will benefit from the new feature.

Hypermotion Brings More Realism

EA Sports is turning the realism screw again in FIFA 22 and wants to make use of the technical possibilities of the latest generation of consoles. For this purpose, so-called Xsens suits are used during development in order to collect movement data from 22 playing professional footballers at the same time. A new machine-learning algorithm has also calculated more than 4,000 new animations in real-time based on real game events.

Furthermore, EA Sports promises a significantly optimized artificial intelligence of the players, who will react better to given game situations in the future – when attacking, strikers can make up to six times more decisions within a second. Defenders now act more strongly than tactical units and can, for example, close gaps more effectively, according to the developers.

Play nicer, but not for everyone

However, EA Sports will not make the innovations summarized under the term “Hypermotion” available on all platforms, but only on the PlayStation 5Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia. Versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC are technically unchanged from the previous year’s version. This decision is likely to be particularly annoying for PC gamers if they have not already got used to this approach in the past.

This does not apply to other innovations, so that PC gamers and owners of a last-gen console can create and manage their own club in career mode, for example. FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021.