No Passport needed for travelling abroad-SOON

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, so much so that soon travelers will not require a passport to travel abroad. Quite soon the hassle of carrying a passport along will become history.

In Dubai, a facial recognition software has developed which will be used in Dubai International Airport. It will bring ease in long queues at airport security checks. Passengers will pass through a virtual aerial tunnel instead of the usual queues. In the tunnel, there will be cameras installed that will scan the faces of every traveler. The face will bring forward a full biometric data report on the traveler. The technology is called a biometric border. It will start working in Dubai Airport from 2018 while it will be available at all airports around the world by 2020.

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The passenger will pre-register himself, and then when he will pass through the virtual tunnel his information will be taken via biometrics. If the information matches the pre-registered data, he will be allowed to pass. If it does not a red alert will be given to security.

Also as per reports, Australia is also working on a similar technology and will have this system ready by March.

The whole passport system, long queues, bags checking, your identity checking is a long slow process all around the world. With this, hopefully, things will speed up and the whole process will get simplified.

Darakhshan Anjum

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.

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