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Pinterest hit by Russia-linked political posts in 2016 election campaign

Since, there is an ongoing unveiling post and debates all over the internet about Russian back accounts on Twitter, Google and Facebook who were used to influence the presidential election in 2016.

It is unveiled that Pinterest was also used heavily during the 2016 election campaign, the social bookmarking site is commonly used for sharing photos and links of various products, inspirational quotes, recipes and much more.

After Google and Facebook confession, Pinterest now claims that their platform was used by Russian-linked accounts who heavily posted political posts on the platform in order to influence the public opinion and promote division in the US, the company has acknowledged on Wednesday.

The company also said Russian operatives did not post the images and messages directly on Pinterest but the messages, photos, and links from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter were saved by the users in their Pinterest accounts and boards.

“We believe that Facebook content was so sophisticated that it tricked Americans into saving them on Pinterest, We have removed the content brought to our attention and we will continue to investigate it further,” said Pinterest spokesperson.

The tech companies list is growing who were unintentionally and unwilling involved to trick public opinion, this is becoming a hot issue for now for tech companies and the general public, large-scale fake news on the internet help current present Donald Trump to win the elections.

Last month, Facebook said it has discovered 500 accounts that bought $100,000 of ads targeting highly socio-political issues. Facebook has also liaison with government and provided data about these ads.

Google said they have found tens of thousands of dollars used in advertising on their platforms including Google AdWords, Gmail, YouTube, and Double-click ad network. Google is investigating the matter even further and cooperating with other tech companies to dig out the data.

Facebook and Twitter also claimed almost similar instances on their platform. But it is still not clear if the tech companies able to prove the Russian involvement then the current status of Donald Trump could be challenged in the court or not? And whether the event could disqualify the current US president.

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