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Nokia mobile phones divisional head has resigned.

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Nokia has always been known as the manufacturer of reliable phones and technology. However, the recent sprung of smart phones and brands like Apple and Samsung caused a dent in Nokia’s marketplace. The leader of Nokia mobile phones division of reviving the brands marketplace has resigned from the position. Ramzi Haidamus stepped down today as the head of division that aimed to revive Nokia mobile phones market value. He had been appointed on the position two years back and has already left it.

A sudden resignation of Nokia mobile phones divisional president

Ramzi Haidamus, resigned from the position of president of Nokia technologies unit. Which handled patents, consumer products and mobile phone innovation. The company also signed a licensing deal with HMD Global. Which was being overlooked by the division managed by Haidamus. The HMD Global licensing deal will be aimed to revive Nokia handset in the market.

The company has also made a deal with French health tracking company Withings. And has launched virtual reality cameras this year-in hopes to make Nokia among the most talked about tech corporations in the world.

Haidamus who became a part of the Nokia family in 2014 said, that it is the right time for him to explore new opportunities regarding his passion in building and transforming businesses. The division head plans to venture new segments of the tech business industry.

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Reuters report that the company Nokia is more focused on the telecom networking equipment since the industry has a weak growth outlook making it the perfect opportunity for Nokia to explore growth prospects on. Nokia plans in the future to hold the mobile phone market place in competition to the rival brands like Apple and Samsung.

The search for a new president for the technologies unit is on and currently the divisional head of strategy and business development at Nokia technologies, Brad Rodrigues, is the acting president of the division.

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