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Amazon Dash is going to launch Dash Button Device in the UK

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While playing with newer technologies and interests Amazon is seeking an opportunity to streamline the busy schedule of UK residents by offering one button device to make orders. “The Amazon Dash”

Within in a week, Amazon prime customers who love to shop from Amazon but forget things to order or delay shopping due to busy routine would be able to streamline their orders such as; clothing, household supplies, dog food with just one push of Amazon “Dash button” A WIFI CONNECTED DEVICE.

Cost of the Device

The device will cost around 4.99 pounds, but the good news is, the cost of the device will be adjusted in form of discounts offered by Amazon using this device.

Little problem with the device

The device might not be as good as for the shoppers who order different variety of products per week. But it can be handier for the shoppers. Who order consistently same line of products over and over again.

The device is actually dedicated to one product only. For example; device for Dishwasher will only work to order dishwashers with different brands logos allocated on the device. But if someone needs to order coffee they need to buy an additional device for ordering coffee.

Head of Amazon Dash Daniel Rausch reportedly said, “When we launched Dash service in the United States one day before starting April 2015, people thought it was an April fool, but the service turned out to be a huge success especially amongst Household product manufacturers.

Amazon Dash performance in the US

  • 20 Brands joined the Dash scheme at launch
  • Brands increased to 150 by now
  • Orders were increased by 3 times in the last 2 months


In Britain, Amazon will launch the service with 48 brands in the scheme. And are expected to grow in the next few months.

Amazon is also focusing on streamlining the supply chain process of the products that will be offered through this service in order to keep the stock levels maintained.

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Image via: engadget