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Nokia X60 Series Might Come with Big Features

Nokia is reportedly working on X60 series that might feature Huawei’s harmonyOS, a 200MP rear main camera, and a massive 6000mAh batterry.

Nokia X60 Series - Nokia X60 - Nokia X60 Pro

Look like Nokia following the newcomers now – the company is planning to release its Nokia X60 series with HarmonyOS and a big 200MP camera. It doesn’t mean that Nokia would ditch Android all of a sudden. The company would still be releasing Android-based smartphones but is planning a little touchup to experience other operating systems.

So we heard that HMD Global might work with other companies like Huawei to use their in-house developed operating systems. If you remember, one reason why Nokia failed in the past was relying only on Windows OS. The company doesn’t want to repeat that same mistake and might bring the new device with HarmonyOS.

The other highlight is also worth noticing – the release of the Nokia X60 series with a 200MP camera. So this X60 series would consist of two smartphones – the X60 and X60 Pro. Now it is uncertain if both these devices could carry the 200MP camera or only the Pro model.

Besides this, we also heard that the new series would also have a curved display and a huge 6000mAh battery. Another impressive feature.

Now to the most important part – as of now, these are just rumors. We aren’t 100% sure if the company would treat its upcoming X60 series with all these features. If it did, it could be a great comeback for Nokia.


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