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Now You Can Open PDF Files With Firefox Browser

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No need to install pdf readers anymore, now Firefox could do the default job for you. So far, it has not been possible to set Firefox as the default app for opening PDF files. This has now changed with version 78. Windows 10 now recognizes the browser as a PDF reader. In addition, a restriction on opening documents has been removed.

The PDF reader built into Firefox is called “PDF.js” and is now also perceived in Windows 10 settings as a tool for viewing PDF files. According to Techdows, this was not the case before, since the browser’s installation program did not tell the system that Firefox had the integrated PDF reader. The user can set the standard program for opening PDF documents by calling the settings menu “Select the standard app for each file type”.

No more obligation to save

In addition to being able to select Firefox as the standard app for opening PDF files, Mozilla has added another innovation to the latest version of the browser. For almost nine years, websites have been forcing users to save PDF documents before viewing them. With Firefox 78 this limitation was removed. In the future, the files will be loaded directly into the integrated PDF reader. Here there is also the option to save the opened file on a local data carrier.

If development continues to go according to plan and there are no serious problems testing the new features, Firefox 78 should see the light of day on June 30th. However, the changes can be tried out after the latest nightly build of the open-source browser has been downloaded. The Nightly versions are updated every day and can be installed on the Mozilla website.

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