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Microsoft Your Phone App Is Now Equipped With Picture-In-Picture Mode

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Microsoft has planned a new update for the Your Phone app. The update brings with it a practical picture-in-picture mode. This allows conversations to be displayed in a separate window. First, the feature should only be tested with Windows insiders.

Without a picture-in-picture mode, the conversations can only be displayed in the main window. The picture-in-picture mode can create a separate window for each conversation. It is possible to move the window to another part of the screen and resize it. This can be useful if the user works in another window at the same time and only needs a certain conversation from his smartphone.

Update for Windows Insiders only

The new feature is currently still under development, so the function cannot currently be tried out. As soon as the development is completed, the feature should initially only be able to be tested by Windows insiders. When the picture-in-picture mode will be integrated into a final version of the Your Phone app is still rather unclear at the moment. Unless there are any serious problems in the test phase, the feature should be able to be used by all Windows 10 users with an Android or iOS smartphone in the coming months.

The aim of the application called “your smartphone” in this country is to be able to use numerous smartphone functions on a PC. Among other things, SMS, notifications, and photos can be transmitted. It is also possible with the Microsoft app to start and answer calls from the PC. In order to be able to use the functions, in addition to a current Windows installation, the smartphone app “Your Phone Companion”.

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