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Now You Can Turn off Gmail Data Hungry Functions

Gmail data hungry functions

It was announced in code analysis, now it is official. Google will incorporate options into Gmail that will almost completely stop the application’s hunger for data. Both smart functions and data transfer can be deactivated in this way.

Google now gives you the choice of how data is processed

It was announced after an analysis of the Gmail code – we were able to report under Gmail users can deactivate data usage in the future. Now, Google is making it official in an entry in the Gmail blog: under the heading “New settings for intelligent functions and personalization in Gmail”, the company has announced that it will allow users to stop the intensive analysis of messages in the future. “People now expect easier control of their data,” said the company about the move.

Google is adding two options to Gmail “in the coming weeks”. The first allows you to determine whether the content in Gmail, Meet, and Chat can be evaluated for “smart functions“. If you reject this, functions such as the automatic sorting and categorization of messages, quick replies, and many more will no longer be available. “The ability to (or not) turn on some of these individual smart features isn’t new. What’s new is a clear choice about the computing that makes it possible.”

No forwarding

Another dialog box will then also enable users to prevent the exchange between Gmail, Meet and Chat with other services such as the Google Assistant. Once selected, automatic reminders, some maps functions, and automated Google Pay options will no longer work. “If you later decide that these features are useful and you want to turn them on, you can do so in your Gmail settings,” concluded Google.