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Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti Prototype Melts Hardware In Tests

Nvidia is said to have been working on a card in its labs that could arguably be classified as a 4090 TI or Titan Ada. However, it is bad for an early launch. With high power consumption and high waste heat, it sometimes melts hardware.

The TI cannot be tamed at the moment

Nvidia is currently in no hurry: the RTX 4090 has been presented and is setting new records. AMD will add more soon – probably in December – but will probably want to play in the performance range of the 4080 and below. The head start the company now has may be put to good use when it comes to developing the next top card. As the YouTube channel, Moore’s Law is Dead reports, citing internal sources, Nvidia has great difficulties taming the performance in tests with a prototype.

As the sources report, the “absurd rumors” about testing a card with 800 to 1000 watts cannot be confirmed. In fact, Nvidia was actually working on a card in its lab that had a power consumption of 600 to 700 watts. But there won’t be a release in the foreseeable future. The card has ensured that fuses fly out in Nvidia’s development department and power supplies melt. “Sometimes she even melted herself,” Moore’s Law is Dead quoted the insider as saying.

Really big banger

The rumor mill also provides information about the structure of the failed prototype. Nvidia designed the card in a 4-slot design, the power supply was implemented via 2 x 16-pin connectors. The card was “so large” that Nvidia had to adjust its test setup. According to this, the card was not inserted into a motherboard as usual, but rather “the motherboard was attached to the side of the card.”

Based on these tests, Moore’s Law is Dead speculates that Nvidia wants to have its next top card – whether as a 4090 TI or as a standalone Titan product – ready for the market by the middle of next year at the latest. However, this schedule is presumably strongly based on.

Specifications of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series
modelRTX 4090RTX 4080
architectureAda Lovelace
productionTSMC N4
CUDA cores16,3849,728
base clock2,230MHz2,210MHz
boost clock2,520MHz2,510MHz
FP32 performance82.6 TFLOPS48.8 TFLOPS
interface384 bits256 bits
throughput21 Gbps21 Gbps
TDP450 watts320 watts
Price1,949 euros1,469 euros
releaseOctober 12thNovember