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YouTube ends the Experiment on 4K videos

YouTube is equally popular among social media users. It offers content in the form of videos from all around the world. Users on YouTube can access this content from anywhere in the world.

YouTube has retracted from its move by calling it an experiment. There were many reports and news indicating that YouTube consumers will have to pay for watching 4k videos. In this scenario, various YouTube users were blocked from watching 4K videos.

The message was featured as indicating that 4K is a premium feature that requires the users to upgrade their accounts. Further, YouTube passed a confirmation that his step was carried out on an experimental basis. The purpose of this experiment was to figure out the premium and non-premium viewers. Now, it has been confirmed by YouTube in a tweet that the experiment is over.

Since 2010 YouTube is supporting 4K videos. Since then, the 4K videos are freely available to all users. it was by this month that some users reported the visibility of the ‘Premium’ label against the content having 2160p/4K quality.

It costs around $11.99 in the United States when it comes to the YouTube subscription plan. This subscription plan includes background playback, ad-free video streaming, and the availability of downloaded videos while offline. The recent experiment by YouTube suggested that 4K viewing was been considered an added advantage.

No proper reason and explanation for such an experiment has been made by YouTube officials yet. Rather, it seems that the step was taken in response to the negative backlash.