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Older MacBooks Gets Hanged With Black Screen While Updating To macOS Big Sur

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Owners of older MacBook Pro models are currently struggling with serious issues related to the macOS Big Sur update. These should go so far that the Apple notebooks become completely unusable during the installation of the operating system.

As the colleagues from MacRumors report, there are increasing voices on Reddit and in the Apple support forums talking about serious problems with the update to macOS Big Sur. The update should ensure that older MacBooks only show a black screen and can no longer be started. The 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops in the Late 2013 and Mid 2014 series are said to be particularly affected. They are among the oldest devices that are supposed to support the update to macOS 11.

None of the common Mac solutions seem to be helping

If the problem occurs, there does not seem to be any solution to free the MacBook Pro from the “bricked” state. Many users confirm that the familiar shortcuts for resetting the non-volatile main memory (NVRAM) and system management controller (SMC) do not promise any help either. The same is said to apply to Safe Mode and Internet Recovery. In these cases, the macOS Big Sur update ensures a completely shut down and unusable system. Apple appears to have become aware of the problem, but an official statement is pending. 

Various Reddit users talk about the manufacturer’s request to send their MacBook Pro in for repair. Others claim that in Cupertino the serious error has already been passed on to the appropriate developers who could work on a solution. Until then, it is advisable for owners of MacBooks from 2013 and 2014 not to update to macOS 11 Big Sur.