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One-click is all you need to move from HTTP to HTTPS with WordPress 5.7 Esperanza

With the first release of WordPress 5.7 Esperanza, you can now convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS.


The new WordPress 5.7 Esperanza is out and will ease the lives of WordPress developers and users.

The name “Esperanza” is set to honor the modern musical prodigy Esperanza Spalding. This is also the first release of the year.

One of the update’s biggest features is its ability to convert WordPress sites from HTTP to HTTPS in just one click and automatically update database URLs to the new protocol.

For those unfamiliar with the terms, HTTP and HTTPS both allow web browsers to send a request to a web hosting server and receive a response; however, HTTPS uses TLS/SSL encryption and is more secure, while HTTP sends information in plaintext and is relatively insecure.

More About WordPress 5.7

Website owners can make more changes to their content without writing custom codes. For instance, users could choose a vertical or horizontal layout for the buttons block or easily change the size of social icons on their site using low code. This is probably more friendly for bloggers not good with coding.

Editing your site also gets easier with WordPress 5.7. It allows you to access font size controls in the List and Code blocks, drag blocks and block patterns into a post from the inverter and automatically save reusable blocks after clicking Update.

The new WordPress 5.7 is available to download. You could go to the Updates sections from your dashboard or download it from WordPress official website for free.

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