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OnePlus Becomes Oppo Sub Brand


Word has meanwhile largely got around that OnePlus is by no means the nice little smartphone startup that it initially liked to present itself as. With that one no longer sees any need to maintain this appearance.

The brand will now completely lose its extensive independence. In the future, OnePlus will only be an Oppo sub-brand. Within Oppo’s, however, independence should at least be preserved, so that the smartphone series of both brands are still not directly related to each other. The previous OnePlus boss Pete Lau will then be responsible for both the OnePlus and Oppo devices as the product manager of the joint organization.

That comes from a document that the leaker Evan Blass has now published. Lau had previously announced a merger of the two corporate divisions but had not gone into details. Even now, not every detail is known, but one can assume that the two brands will be presented to the public with two different marketing teams, but otherwise, the same departments from development to production and sales are active in the background.

Merger To Bring More Eficiency

Above all, the merger is intended to make it possible to use resources more efficiently in operational business. This should help the group as a whole to better survive in the increasingly fierce competition, especially between Chinese producers. Above all, the problems that Huawei was plunged into by the US sanctions had shaken the market up here.

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Ultimately, little is likely to change for OnePlus customers. The two brands have always belonged to the same overall group BBK Electronics, under whose roof smaller names such as Vivo and Realme can be found. Basically, the production of smartphones from OnePlus and Oppo has always been based on the same supply channels.