OnePlus introduces an AI Music Studio

For the last few days, OnePlus has been advertising about its new launch on X, formerly known as Twitter. Several posts by the company on X suggested that the company was going to announce a new speaker. It was quite fascinating since it could be the first product by OnePlus in the respective category. Well, this is not what was actually believed.

Reportedly, the company has released a new AI Music Studio, not new hardware. It is an online tool that will enable users to generate music. Users can generate music as well as music videos with the help of text and other prompts. This tool is not too innovative. It is bound with entertainment and fun. It certainly can’t be used by a professional musician.

How it works?

The UI on the AI Music Studio gives the users choice to select from the list of genres, moods, and music video themes. Users can add text prompts and generate music. The folks at Android Authority tested the new tool with three different prompts. The first two prompt requests were rejected due to the company’s policy. Finally, they were able to get result with the “a wild night out” prompt. As soon as the ‘Generate’ button is pressed, the prompt translates into rap lyrics. Users have the freedom to click on regenerate if they don’t like the lyrics. Followed by this, pressing the ‘Proceed’ button will create a music track. The music track will be accompanied by a graphical music video based on the selected theme. The song can be downloaded and shared on social media platforms.

Well, this is an effort by the company on its own to join the AI bandwagon. It is a basic AI tool that can be used for fun and entertainment purposes. It doesn’t seem to have any implications for professional music.

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