Amazon will offer free “AI Ready” courses

Among other tech companies, Amazon is putting in all its efforts to harness the powers of AI. Reportedly, the company has AI-powered robots that reduce the workload in its warehouses. The company is slowly and gradually utilizing AI across its different divisions. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is now ready to offer free AI courses. The new courses will be introduced under the program named ‘AI Ready.’ The company intends to train 2.5 million people globally in the next two years.

The program consists of eight free courses. They can be accessed on the company’s learning website. They are accessible to Amazon staff as well as others. Users can benefit from these courses and learn skills like generative AI, which powers ChatGPT and other language models. They are made for both novice and expert users in tech and tech-related fields. Five courses are intended for developers and technical audiences, while three are targeted at business and nontechnical consumers.

In addition to classes, high school and university students will be eligible for more than $12 million in Udacity scholarships. The company will grant these scholarships to fifty thousand students from underrepresented communities around the globe.

AWS VP of Data and AI Swami Sivasubramanian stated, “The objective of AI Ready is to help equalize the playing field in terms of AI education, backed by the fresh efforts that we’re announcing here today.” “If we intend to unleash the full power of AI to address the world’s most pressing issues, it’s necessary to establish a system that makes AI education available to anyone with an eagerness to learn.”

According to Amazon, the program will help not just its own staff but also its enterprise customers who are looking for individuals with quick engineering and other abilities. Amazon claims that its goal is to “democratize” generative AI education. Customers of AWS (Amazon Web Service) may also benefit from it, as some of the courses are built on its own platforms, such as Bedrock AI and CodeWhisperer, an automated code generator.

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