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OnePlus May Not Let You Make Emergency Calls Like 911, 999, 112 or 1122

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The Oneplus Mobile phone maker has admitted a bug in some of their devices which prevents users from making calls on emergency numbers like 911.

The glitch was highlighted on Reddit first, the phone was restarting when an emergency call was placed, and some people shared their experience as well, they said they have problems making calls to emergency numbers in the UK 999 and 112 in Europe.

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OnePlus however, said in a statement that they will resolve this issue with the software update as soon as possible.

Some people said, they will return their phones to the company; glitch like this could cost lives. OnePlus is the Chinese mobile company and produces high-end mobile devices, but errors like this in their devices could damage their reputation seriously.

OnePlus said, “We have been in touch with our customer and have already tested the update which has resolved the issue, we will roll out the new update as soon as possible.”

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