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US Lifted Ban On Laptops From All Middle Eastern Airlines

U.S. started putting the ban on Laptops earlier in March, especially middle eastern airlines were the prime target of this ban. Trump administration soon after the initial ban considered expanding the ban on all international airlines but that couldn’t catch on for some political reasons.

U.S. also faced a lot of criticism due to this ban from around the world. Airlines and Travel industry bodies protested against this ban as it could cost them millions and affect their business operations. Passengers at Dubai airport, faced severe difficulties during the initial days of the ban.

But now U.S. officially has lifted the ban which forbade laptops and other electronic devices on flights arriving from Middle Eastern countries totaling 10 destinations across 9 different airlines reported cnet.

The department of Homeland Security tweeted earlier today saying that, “Enhanced Security Measures” have been implemented replacing the ban, however, details about these security measures remain unknown.

Earlier the ban was lifted first from the premium airlines including Emirates, Etihad and Turkish airlines leaving other skeptical about the matter, but now homeland security confirms that the ban is fully removed on all the airlines.

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