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OnePlus Smartwatch Seems To Be Canceled Again

OnePlus Smartwatch

OnePlus recently expanded its portfolio and also tried to find its way back to its roots when it comes to smartphones, which means a good price/performance ratio. This also celebrates successes. But there are also areas where things are not going so well.

The latter, however, means a product that has not yet been launched, namely the Chinese manufacturer’s smartwatch, which has meanwhile been teased several times. There were first reports about this almost five years ago that OnePlus is said to have overturned an almost finished smartwatch at short notice.

Confirmed – or is it?

This year, however, the Smartwatch project was reanimated, OnePlus also confirmed the device itself and published a teaser image. Two weeks ago, the company tweeted that “the OnePlus ecosystem will get more things” and that it is “just a matter of time”. An older concept drawing of the smartwatch planned at the time could be seen. The message was still clear: a smartwatch is coming.

But that seems to be old news again, because according to Max Jambor, who usually writes for All About Samsung, OnePlus has put the smartwatch on the sidelines again. Jambor relies on inside sources and says that the announcement of the OnePlus Watch has been postponed indefinitely. 

Jambor does not give any reasons but suspects that complications in production or problems in software development could be responsible. However, Android Authority claims that the company has postponed its smartwatch and not canceled it. Another possibility is that OnePlus is currently in a time of upheaval and that this is having an impact on the planned products: Co-founder Carl Pei recently announced his departure from the company, and CEO Pete Lau reportedly wants to get out of numerous points withdraw from day-to-day business.

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