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Apple A14X ARM Chip For Macs Appeared On Geekbench

Apple A14X Score

Apple’s new chipset for Macs Apple A14X Bionic has ended up on the database of the GeekBench benchmark platform, just a few days after the event on Tuesday in which it should be discussed extensively for use on Mac computers. During WWDC 2020, Apple announced that within two years all its computers will go to adopt proprietary processors based on ARM architecture; Apple A14X Bionic, a derivative of the A14 that we have seen on the new generation iPhones and the most recent iPads, should have the honor of inaugurating the transition process.

According to the tests, the chip has fared really well: the scores are even higher than those achieved by the MacBook Pro 16 with Intel Core i9, which is what does worse in single-core than the other comparable chips (the A14 and the A12Z of the latest iPad Pros), but at the same time the king in multi-core. Before seeing a quick comparison, however, some technical details. The test platform, according to the ‘Apple Insider’ report, includes 8 GB of RAM (remember that this component also has an impact on benchmark scores) and shows a CPU with a nominal frequency of 1.8 GHz, capable of reaching in boost 3.10 GHz. This is the first time that an Apple processor has exceeded 3 GHz. Finally, the scores are as below:

A14X Geekbench Scores via Apple Insider

The results are to be taken with due caution, as usual; we will have more concrete details on Tuesday, we hope.