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OnePlus: The Company Vows to Make Flagship-Killers Again

If you’re a longtime OnePlus fan, you might have been disappointed in the last couple of releases the company made. Devices such as the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro have proven to be excellent phones that cost considerably less than those from Samsung and Apple, but their prices were still significantly higher than the days of the original OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. 

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You wouldn’t be wrong to think that recent OnePlus phones have lost sight of what made the company so attractive in the first place, and luckily it looks like OnePlus knows that well. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed in a recent interview with Fast Company that OnePlus is shifting gears to produce cheap android phones. Again.

“Once known for selling nice phones at hard-to-believe prices, OnePlus wants to get back to making more affordable phones while also expanding into new product categories,” Lau says.

In the interview, Lau does not explicitly mention any new devices by name but it is safe to assume that the rumored OnePlus Z will be the first cheap telephone to get OnePlus back into this niche. We get some insight into the phone rollout, and part of the interview notes that:

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“OnePlus isn’t revealing any of those products yet, but a glimpse of the new strategy will arrive soon with an announcement for India. Later this year, the company hopes to bring lower-priced devices to other markets, including North America and Europe.”

The idea of once again having a genuinely cheap OnePlus phone is quite exciting, but this time around the company’s reasoning for doing so is a bit different. OnePlus needed those low prices back in 2014 and 2015, to attract a customer base as a brand new company. In 2020, these low prices are now designed to bring more people into the OnePlus ecosystem and build a connected device system that works for everyone.