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OnePlus would be the first company to launch 5g phone in early 2019

OnePlus 5G phone

OnePlus has confirmed officially that it will be the first company to launch the 5G phone in early 2019.

According to OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau “OnePlus would be the first company to launch a 5G phone in the market powered by Snapdragon 855. OnePlus also said that it will first launch the 5G phone in Europe as the region has already started commercial 5G services.

The company has not yet named the new 5G phone but it won’t be a successor of OnePlus 6T, according to some reports OnePlus will name the new 5G series with number 7, could be OnePlus 7.

Pete Lau has confirmed on social media that the company has secured a strategic partnership with the carrier EE and Qualcomm in order to launch the first 5G enabled the device in Europe. The Snapdragon 855 is equipped with 5G X50 LTE modem which enables 5G connectivity smoothly.

OnePlus official twitter account has also confirmed the launch of the new 5G device and said, “We are taking the next step in our journey to the top of the global flagship market. OnePlus and EE will join forces to deliver a 5G ready flagship in early 2019.”

It is also expected that OnePlus will unveil 5G phone at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 in February. While talking to The Verge, Pete said the OnePlus 5G phone would be priced between $200 to $300 which is more than the previous OnePlus 6T flagship. He also told the reason for launching the 5G device earlier and said it would help their engineers to learn from the early nuisance of  5G connectivity and improve their 5G devices from future.

EE’s 5G network would be accessible in 19 cities, however, the OnePlus 5G device would deliver slower 5G speeds using sub-6 spectrum currently used by EE. Comparatively 5G network speed offered by EE is slower than the speeds of AT&T and Verizon. OnePlus may launch its 5G smartphone in the United States after arriving in Europe.

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