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Facebook Brings A New Way of Sharing Gifts

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The Holiday season is around the corner and people are already getting into the holiday’s mode and thrill. Facebook has brought a new way of sharing gifts with friends. Christmas is near and so is the trend of exchanging gifts. Facebook must have kept the traditions in mind before it decided to introduce the new feature.

The new feature would be permitting the users to share a collection of content saved on Facebook with particular friends and family.

Facebook users could make their own Collections that could include posts, ads, marketplace listings and even videos. Then these collections could be shared with friends. The feature is very simple to use. If one creates a collection of products, then that could be shared with a group of family members on the social networking platform for giving ideas of what kind of gifts one would love to get for the holidays.

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If one is planning to have some holiday party with friends, then one could create a collection by the name of “holiday recipes”. In the made collection one could share the recipes with the rest of the group. The ones invited to it could further contribute to the collections by adding their own set of recipes discovered on Facebook and save them in the shared collection.

Facebook has brought some major updates to its Music features very recently, for bringing in more ways to integrate its licensing partnership with three major labels into user profiles, Live features and Facebook stories.

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