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OpenAi Announces ChatGPT Enterprise With No Limits To Chat GPT4 Ai

OpenAI announces the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise with a focus on enterprise security and privacy. The AI ​​forge offers unlimited and faster access to GPT-4. At the same time, Microsoft is bringing Bing Chat Enterprise as a Windows 11 copilot.

GPT-4 for Business: Secure, Faster, Longer

Companies want to redefine the way they work with artificial intelligence (AI) and are primarily relying on OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT solution. The voices from the business world are correspondingly louder when it comes to security and the protection of sensitive data. After Microsoft has already optimized its Bing Chat based on ChatGPT for enterprise customers, OpenAI itself is now following a suitable model.

“You own and control your business data in ChatGPT Enterprise,” reads the company’s new blog post. Conversations from business customers should therefore not be used to train the AI ​​and should always be encrypted (AES 256 and TLS 1.2+).

At the same time, IT administrators are given new management and analysis tools to verify employees (e.g. domain verification, SSO, etc.) and to monitor usage.

Business customers continue to receive significant advantages over private users, even if they are on the paid ChatGPT Plus tariff. ChatGPT Enterprise includes unlimited access to the GPT-4 AI, which processes inputs up to twice as fast.

The so-called 32K model is also used to enable longer inputs. OpenAI puts the available 32,000 tokens per input at around 50 text pages. Only 8000 tokens are available for private customers.

More plans and pricing

For the future, OpenAI is planning various extensions for ChatGPT Enterprise, such as linking to additional external applications, solutions for smaller teams, more powerful tools for advanced data analysis and browsing, and tools for special roles – e.g. data analysts, marketers, customer support and Co.

The price for ChatGPT Enterprise should be based on the range of functions and the size of the company. A flat rate, such as ChatGPT Plus for 20 euros per person and month, does not exist yet. For a suitable offer, business customers must contact OpenAI Sales.

Microsoft is expanding Bing Chat Enterprise

Parallel to the announcement of OpenAI ChatGPT Enterprise, Microsoft is expanding its July in Bing Chat Enterprise, which was introduced in Bing.com and Edge browsers in July, to the Windows 11 Copilot. For the time being, this is only available to Windows insiders in the dev channel and in some cases also in the beta channel.

Here, too, the advantages lie in data protection, so that no chat data is stored or viewed by Microsoft. In addition, the GPT-4-based business chatbot is included free of charge in the Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium plans. In the future, the Redmond-based company plans to offer its service as a standalone version for $5 per user per month.

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