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Mageia 9: Linux Distribution launched with plenty of Innovations

The Linux distribution Mageia relies on classic desktop environments and is characterized by ease of use. Now the developers have released version 9, a comprehensive update. The operating system could be suitable as a Windows alternative.

Distribution based on Linux 6.4

Mageia 9 is based on the Linux 6.4 kernel and has now been made available as the final build. If you install the distribution and deselect some recommended packages, you can now save significantly more storage space. Instead of Berkeley DB, SQLite is now used for the RPM database.

By default, KDE Plasma 5.27.5 is used as the desktop environment. There is of course the option to switch to GNOME 44.2 or other programs. LXDE GTK+3, Xfce 4.18, LXQt 1.3.0, MATE 1.26.0, Cinnamon 5.6, and Enlightenment 25.4 are included. The Mesa 3D and X.Org software packages have also been updated.

The code for NFS support has been removed from the distribution and is now provided through system tools. If an HTTP server is used, a port other than 80 can now be selected. The system service NetworkManager is now enabled by default when using KDE Plasma. Instead of GNU Wget, cURL is now called to download packages during installation.

Download from the official site

If you want to try Mageia 9 or are looking for an alternative to Windows 11 or its current operating system, you can download the distribution from the official site. The release notes can be found here. Administrators with Mageia 8 or earlier can upgrade.

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