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Opera Browser Offers More Privacy And Tracking in The Latest Update

Opera update

Opera Web Browser has been around for decades but the browser could not receive much appreciation from Internet circles, the browser is still at the bottom of usage as of report published in October 2019, Chrome accounts for 57% usage worldwide, Safari accounts for 13.4%, Internet Explorer & Edge accounts for 9.4%, Firefox accounts for 6.9% and Opera stands at 3.3%.

However, Opera’s new approach towards privacy and security when all the internet users are worried about their data online plays an important role in its popularity. The previous update of Opera unveiled a tracker blocker for its browser which according to the company increased the browsing speed by 20% and offered more privacy to the users.

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In the new update, Opera browser offers more privacy and now let users see the data from trackers, the users would be able to see the list of trackers to get the idea of how much they are watching your browsing activity. You can turn on the button which will show as a shield in the address bar where the users would be able to see the number of trackers being blocked, according to Opera.

Opera said the idea for displaying tracking information to users is to create awareness among users that do not know what this tracking is all about. Users can turn the setting on globally from the menu and then toggle it on or off according to their need for each website they visit, it is much like the way users interact with typical adblocker.

It was also reported earlier that Google is going to restrict Adblockers in the future Chrome 80 update, which would give more control to Google and less control to Adblockers.

Opera’s tracker and blocker can easily track scripts on the site and block them, and when used with other Adblockers the speed can go up to whopping 76%, the press release said. IT sounds quite reasonable here but many websites detect adblockers and refuse to load the site until the adblockers are disabled, these sites may also refuse to load with the Opera tracker and blocker.

Opera has also revamped the design of the browser with the new address bar that shows suggestions based on your browsing history, the suggestions come up when you start typing in the address bar. The company also revamped the history bar and bookmarks that are now moved to the sidebar. You can download the Opera latest update from the official website.