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Opera desktop adds quick access to TikTok

Opera update

Opera is very much fond of building and integrating social media networks into its browser. The liking has now exceeded to embrace one of the most popular platforms of the current time.

Recently, the company updated its desktop browser. In the updated version of the browser, you can observe an option for quick access to TikTok via the sidebar. Many Opera users access the web version given their own space and time. The new feature is equally helpful in case you want to sneak in and check the feed while at work. This sneaking in particularly refers to the longer clips. Even you will have quick access to upload the edited versions of your videos from your computer. Thus, providing the users with a more comfortable experience.

It seems like Opera is working on a strategy that is not built around opening native apps or switching browser tabs. Particularly, the addition is accompanied by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Furthermore, users can access the media player from the sidebar. The media players provide the users with quick access to Music services like Apple Music and Spotify etc. though, web versions of apps are available. But Opera seems to adopt a completely different strategy.

The addition of the TikTok feature is certainly an extension of the browser’s current strategy. Given the gaming as well as crypto browsers, Opera is working to pull the users away from similarities of Chrome and Safari. It is achieving so by integrating useful as well as trendy services into its interface. Though nearly all browsers perform very well, Opera insists to rely on the one that is provided with more convenient options.

We are not sure how this approach is working out for the company. Apparently, Opera has gained momentum in its shares by jumping from 2.3 percent in [Statcounter’s October] 2019 rankings to around 3.6 percent 3 years later. But it is obvious that Opera is driving away as a go-to option for users that are less interested in other services like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.