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Oppo Announces a New Product Line Named Reno


Oppo has officially announced a new product line which they have termed “Reno” the company has officially announced it through the company’s vice president Brain Shen as well as on its official social media page.

Similar to Vivo, which announced another mobile brand iQOO last month, the Chinese manufacturer is taking the same way to reach its growth destination by announcing another product line named “Reno”.

The company has also scheduled to launch the new product line by April this year. Shen has posted a teaser on Weibo, the company has also clarified by commenting on the teaser that this is a new product line and not the sub-brand of the company unlike Vivo.

Vivo last month announced iQOO brand which is focused on gaming mobile industry, so we can also expect the new Oppo product line can also be focused on gaming market as the company would not leave enough gap for Vivo to grab the market.