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Oppo To Introduce Waterfall 88 Degree High Curve Display

The phone screens have been evolving with a great pace in the last few years, the screens are getting bigger, stronger, immersive and elegant. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has recently shown some new approach to the smartphone screen as compared to its previous models.

Oppo is going to introduce a new 88-degree High curvature display with 95.5:1 screen-to-body ratio. Oppo now focuses on enhancing the visuals of the mobile screen. Shen Yiren, vice president of Oppo has shown a new phone which the company is developing on Weibo.

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The phone screen is more angular, the curved screens are bigger and have 88-degrees arc. Another image leaked by OppoDaily Wechat account shows that Oppo screen is missing the front camera space on the screen and it is more likely to use under-screen camera technology.

Oppo’s waterfall screens with high curves show some glassy look of the phone, it seems the phone is made of all glass, molded to perfection. Some reports suggest that Oppo high-end waterfall screen would continue in Oppo Find series.