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Oppo To Launch Find X3 With 3K Resolution High Refresh Rate And Flash Charge

Today, according to a Chinese tipster Oppo’s next year’s new flagship machine will not only be equipped with the Snapdragon 875 processor but will also use a 3K resolution and support a high refresh rate and super flash charging.

As comparing the resolution of the released Find X2 with 3K QHD+3168*1440, the model predicted this time should be the new Find X3 series that OPPO will release soon.

As the flagship machine, OPPO has also tested a new dual-camera solution on the engineering machine, equipped with Sony’s customized IMX7XX sensor, which will get higher pixels and an ultra-wide-angle.

In addition, at the OPPO Future Technology Conference on the 18th of this month, OPPO officially launched a full-link color management system, which includes two core technologies, full-link 10bit and color management. It is worth looking forward to these new updates, OPPO said the Find X3 series’s system will be launched for the first time.

It is reported that the full link 10bit covers the entire image processing process of acquisition, encoding, storage, decoding, and display, and has the ability to process 10bit data in all links, solving the problem of incompatibility of the underlying system with 10bit image information.

This technology has also become the first in the mobile phone industry to realize full-link 10bit picture and video shooting.

Because the Android system cannot control the screen color display well at present, OPPO has developed a set of color management technology by itself. It solves the problem of the collection end and the color gamut coordinate data by unifying the color temperature consistency of different color gamuts and Display color deviation caused by color gamut problems. It is understood that in 2011, OPPO released the X903, the first smartphone in the Find series. The release of this phone marked OPPO’s official entry into the smartphone field, and OPPO Find X was officially launched in 2018.